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Composer  ‣  Arranger  ‣  Producer 

with  a  focus  on  live  strings


📍 based in Los Angeles, CA

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Composer   ‣   Arranger   ‣   Producer 

with  a  focus  on  live  strings


Live Strings
(violin, viola, cello)

Music 🎼
✍️ Creation

Sound Design

🎛️ and Post Production

what instruments do you use?

My primary instruments are the violin, viola and cello, and I also utilize the piano, percussion, classical guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass and synths


In a world of MIDI, I bring buoyancy and breath to my productions by prioritizing live instrumentation, never shying away from incorporating modern production elements to create a sound that’s both current and timeless

My ability to listen — whether that’s to your music, vision or intentions, I have a sharpened sense for how to best enhance and support whatever project I’m involved in

I’m passionate about every project I work on and will treat your project, be it small or large, with the same care and attention to detail that I would for my own music

What are your rates?

Because there are many variables when it comes to a project, it’s hard to give a number given the range of work I do. I work hard to tailor projects around a client’s budget and have many routes available to achieve their goals. As a freelancer, I’m able to offer specialty services, flexibility in schedules, and direct personal communication. For a custom quote, you can reach out to me directly at nwolkstein@gmail.com

"Outstanding creative violinist and talented composer who delivers excellent musical results. Versatile and expressive with an ear for catchy melodies"

Jorge Mejía  ·  President & CEO at Sony Music Publishing Latin America & US Latin, Grammy Award nominated composer

kind words

"Moving, inventive and consistently exhibiting a talented musical sensitivity. Outstanding musicality and expertise in performing many musical styles"

Michael Tilson Thomas  ·  Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Conductor Laureate of the London Symphony

kind words

"Such a talented musician and arranger! His strings quite often bring a tear to my eye the first time I hear them"  

A/J Jackson  ·  Lead Singer of Saint Motel

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"A world class talent. He understood my vision perfectly. Anyone would be lucky to work with him...I highly recommend"

David Grant  ·  Playwright and Owner of Storybook Media

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"Exceeded my highest expectations. Working with him is delightful. His talent and creative vision are peerless and I would trust him with any sound work"

Rachel Zucker  ·  Poet, Author and Professor of Poetry at NYU, Host of Commonplace Podcast

kind words

"Effective, efficient and a pleasure"

Jorge Perez-Gallegos  ·  Curator of Astronomy & Developer of Exhibitions at Miami's Frost Museum of Science 

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